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Jeddah Islamic Port is the primary gateway to the Holy Mosque in Mecca for Muslim pilgrims from around the world. Having enjoyed historical significance since it was established in 646 A.D. during the reign of the Caliph Uthman ibn Affan, the port today is the biggest gateway for Saudi Arabia's imports and exports and the Red Sea's top re-export point, with 75 percent of the country's exports and inbound transshipment going through it.


Assets and Facilities

●    Located on or near global shipping lines connecting three continents, which makes it the Red Sea's top port for transit trade, and transshipment of containers and cargos, with around 5,000 vessels received annually.

●    62 berths for handling passengers, containers, general cargos, livestock, bulk grains, and vehicles.

●    A logistics park for bonded storage and re-export that includes handling equipment, warehouses, open storage, refueling and truck terminals, which maximize vessel turnaround.

●    Specialized terminals with advanced equipment, including:

  1.    Two container terminals with a combined capacity of 7.5 million TEUs
  2.   A fully integrated logistics village for bonded storage and re-export
  3.   Two general cargos terminals
  4.  Two vessel service and repair berths
  5.  Livestock berths with a capacity of seven million heads annually
  6.  berths for marine services, such as tugging and guidance
  7.  Fully equipped terminals for pilgrims, tourists and inbound/outbound travelers.


Capacity130m tons
Terminal operators9


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